Don’t Be Afraid, Penelope Jane

Penelope Jane ImageHear My Heart Publishing is pleased to announce the January publication of Don’t Be Afraid, Penelope Jane, an inspirational and charming children’s book by premiere author Penney Camper.

Sweet Penelope Jane takes the lead in Don’t Be Afraid, Penelope Jane, when she is faced with fear over the stories and events she sees on the news one night. When the fear begins to effect the way she acts, her ever insightful stuffed turtle Theo takes the opportunity to step in and direct her attention to God.

“This book is meant to address children’s day-to-day fears, especially considering the things happening on the news! Psalm 91 is an awesome promise from God about His love and protection for us. It is packed full of how He takes care of us in very specific situations,” commented Camper. “Adults often don’t realize that kids are listening to and absorbing everything around them. [The kids’] thoughts and fears often go unnoticed.”

Penney Camper brings Penelope Jane to life in her first book by pulling from her own childhood experiences, when she, armed with her stuffed bear and a tender heart towards God, would speak openly and grow in her faith as she talked to God about her everyday life. She prays the same “peace and faith in the hearts of each little one” that she experienced herself, and continues to today.

This book is the first in a series that follow Penelope Jane and her trusty turtle Theo as she learns about God and how he works in her life everyday. Camper hopes that this book and the ones to come “create family discussion and prayer time.”

8980248_origThe book is currently available for presale this week only!

Penney Camper, informally known as Penelope Jane herself, “Happy Camper,” and “newly-published author,” brings years 30 years of experience working with children and more than 50 years of experience being one on the inside to each and every book she writes. The Penelope Jane series is designed to speak to the children of today while pointing back to the enduring promises of the Bible. When she isn’t writing, Camper enjoys spending time with her husband of more than 37 years, her two children and their growing families and. For more information and to stay tuned for more information on the rest of the Penelope Jane series, follow Penney at

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