What We Do. Hear My Heart Publishing is a full-service publishing house, which means we can take your book from draft to printed copy, working with you every step of the way to insure that the ending product is the story you have in your heart.

What To Expect. Our process is simple and you will be involved at all points along the way. See Submissions for more information on what kind of books we accept for publication. Once your book has been accepted, We will agree on a contract. From there, the real transformation of your book begins!

Editing. We understand that you love what you have written; we do too! That’s why we edit not to change the content, but to enhance and clarify what you’ve written. Our editors are the best at what they do and ensure that your book is grammatically and stylistically correct while still maintaining your voice on each and every page. The editing process may be completed in one round, but often includes multiple rounds of revisions until both you as the author and our editors are pleased with the final product.
Formatting/Illustration. Once the editing is complete, we move into formatting and illustration. Chapter books are formatted based on industry standards for readability, structure and page size. Children’s books will be sent to an illustrator at this point, and we will also finalize cover designs.
Publication. Once the book has been edited, formatted and illustrated, we send it off to be printed and distributed through Ingram Printing.

Throughout this process, we will be in contact with you regularly, and you will have the opportunity to see your labor of love as it is refined for publication. We look forward to working with you to transform your manuscript into a polished, printed copy.