Hear My Heart Publishing is currently accepting unsolicited submissions of Christian adult, young adult and children’s books, as well as select non-Christian novels, memoirs and anthologies.

To be considered for publication, please submit a proposal containing the following information. Please include a cover page with your full contact information – name, address, phone number and manuscript word count.

  • A brief, 1-2 paragraph synopsis of the manuscript
  • Author bio or resume with credentials and publication credits, if applicable
  • A complete table of contents
  • Estimated length manuscript in words and pages
  • 2-3 sample chapters past the introduction (please don’t send a full manuscript unless requested)
  • A description of the target audience
  • One-page description of what makes your book unique and the message it conveys

Please send manuscripts to:

Beth S. Wilson
Hear My Heart Publishing

Hear My Heart Publishing will reject submissions that contain vulgar and course language, profanity, and racy or adult content.

It is not necessary to copyright or register your book prior to submitting it to Hear My Heart Publishing. If your manuscript is selected for publication, it will be registered during the process.