The Journey Continues

I learned a lot from the first book. Once I finished it, I decided writing wasn’t so scary after all. So, I had the idea to write a children’s book that would be the first in a series of nine books based on the fruit of the spirit. If that wasn’t enough, I decided to write nine more books on the same subject at a much deeper level for adults.

Lolly Learns About Love is a personable story about how love impacts a mother-daughter relationship when Lolly pushes her mother’s buttons and ends up sent to her room. The adult book about love takes a more serious tone as it tackles domestic violence. In it, the main character learns to love again despite the grave circumstances she came from.
I’m happy to announce that Lolly Learns About Joy is currently being illustrated, and will be available for sale shortly. This book is about overcoming grief. With the help of her dad, she learns how to begin to have joy again.

The adult book series are a work in progress.

Something that really helped me publish my first fully illustrated children’s book was finding a children’s writing critique group. Renee’ La Viness leads a group here in Tulsa, and she is one tough cookie when it comes to editing. The group would tear my writing apart first, then sew it back together. It was the best thing I could have done to develop my book.

Then, I got it professionally edited.

I highly recommend paying for a professional edit. It is hard work and expensive but it is worth it. Remember, you’re putting your name on it and you want it to represent you well.
I have read some junk that was self-published and I believe it’s because they skipped the professional edit process. It is wonderful to have your great aunt who is an English teacher read your work but that isn’t enough. You need someone who can be objective, check for consistency, punctuation, flow and so much more.

If you are writing a children’s story, make sure the editor is proficient with children’s writing.

My first experience publishing a book for someone else was a huge learning experience for me. I thought since Westbow Press outsourced their work, I could do that too and viola’ a book would be created.

That isn’t exactly how it happened. I found an illustrator that come recommended by the author and we met and I saw her work. It was beautiful but she had never illustrated a book before. After eight of the fourteen pages were complete she told me she was finished and she started emailing them to her friends. By law she can show anyone she wants because she owned the copyright, but ethically, the illustrator only uses the pictures to promote her own work or to get a job. Since I was paying for the pictures and we had a contract the illustrator should not have done that. I understand she may not have known but when I talked to her about it she said she didn’t care and was going to show anyone she wanted because legally she could. Obviously I ended our relationship. I say all this to explain that publishing is difficult it takes time, energy, money and patience.

The book Pockets in my PJs did get published. It took less than a year and we have not only the book but the pajamas too.

More on Pockets in my PJs soon.