Welcome to the Hear my Heart blog!

Since we are growing as a company, I want to share the heart behind Hear my Heart, and a bit about my own publishing journey. I think it is important to understand the motivations and goals behind the company, as well as a bit about me as a writer and publisher.

The company was birthed out of adversity and my response to it. After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, God laid it very heavy on my heart to write a book about the journey. Truth be told, I have never considered myself a writer; I am an accountant. I like numbers, not words.

My discomfort at the idea of writing my journey made me resistant to the idea, so I fought God. I was dealing with cancer and I did not want to deal with anything else at the same time.

Well, God kept after me. Around that time, I attended a conference about soul-winning and had the honor of meeting author Catherine Zoller. She invited me to hear her speak at The Wings conference in Chelsea Oklahoma after emphasizing the importance of public speaking for a writer. After hearing Catherine and another speaker share their hearts, something sparked in my heart and I decided to be obedience. It was time to write. I told God that I didn’t have the right words, but He made it clear to me that if I would focus on writing my heart, the words would come.

That’s precisely what happened. At times, I would be driving and would have to pull over and stop so I could write something down. It was making it hard to get anywhere on time, so I started carrying a little micro-recorder to capture my heart as God gave me the words to communicate it.

I still made excuses occasionally, but when I did God would remind me: write your heart. I heard it over and over. It was His response to every excuse I came up with.

God said, “Write your heart,” so that’s what I did. Take my Hand: Hope and Help for the Journey was born out of that command.

When I approached the publishing process, I chose to publish through Westbow Press. While it was a wonderful experience, it was very expensive. I learned a lot throughout the process and decided to publish my second book myself. After creating and publishing my first book, I realized that I had a voice that should be heard. This sparked the desire to help others find their own voice for God’s glory.

Thus, Hear my Heart Publishing LLC was born. The journey has just begun and there is so much more to tell, but I shall save that for another day.

I’m glad to have you on this journey with me.