Perfectly Weak

Cover What would happen if we didn’t let fear hold us back?

What could we accomplish for the Kingdom of God
if we did what God asked and didn’t care
what other people thought?

Perfectly Weak is a story about, fear, strength, power and vulnerability. It doesn’t matter if your story looks like this one; we all have a story, and they all include hopes and dreams.
Casey invites you to live perfectly weak with her, in the strength that Jesus gives us. It is her desire for you to say “Yes” to whatever God is asking you to do.

If you feel too afraid, too vulnerable, too stuck to take the next step, pick this book up and read it.



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Casey Graves is a wife, momma and pastor in Tulsa, OK. She and her husband, Justin, have been married and in ministry for seventeen years. She spends her time keeping up with the craziest dreamer and God chaser she knows (her husband), and being mom to two precious girls that are her life’s calling to raise. She loves the remarkable people that she gets to pastor and realizes that God has facilitated His healing in her life through the process of planting Foundations Church.



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