Summer’s Sweet Sentence

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The story of Lincks continues in this joyful saga of Amanda Black, friend of Danielle McMichaels, introduced in book one.  At first, hesitant to stay in the small town for any length of time, we find Mandy falling more and more in love with the charm of not only the rural setting, but also Owen Jones, deputy sheriff.  Needing to find her place in this new life, she realizes God is calling her to action.  When she takes ownership of the Lincks bakery, she finds herself baking more than just pastries and breads; she soon realizes she’s cooking up an entirely new life for herself, one she’d never find in Chicago.  When we heed God’s guidance, we discipline ourselves to his faithfulness.


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Carol Clay has called Broken Arrow home for the last 35 years.
She lives with her husband, Raymond and a treat-addicted cat.
They have raised two wonderful daughters and have two awesome


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