The Unveiling: Messiah Mystery in a Jewish Wedding

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The sound of the shofar resounded through the night air reaching into the heavens.

She hastily put on her wedding garments for this was the very moment she had dreamed of. The glittering lights reflected off her veil as she gracefully made her way to meet her bridegroom. He looked as a King welcoming his queen to come and take her place beside him. The flowers hung from the canopy filling her senses with the fragrance of true love.
Come explore the hidden mysteries of the Jewish wedding customs and how it relates to the bride of Christ as well as to you personally. We will uncover the significance of the traditions found within the wedding ceremony.

You are invited into an intimate journey into the heart of the Messiah and his love for you, the bride.

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Julie Winters has a Masters degree in Education and is the worship leader at Living Water Church. She has written over 80 songs. Julie enjoys searching out hidden treasures in the word of God and then teaching them to equip the body of Christ. She is married to her husband Lionel and has two daughters Krista and Kalli. They reside at Farris, Oklahoma. Her heart’s desire is to see the bride of Christ come to know the Lord more each day.


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