Thank You Lord for Little Feet

Little feet Cover.indd

In our busy lives it is so easy to forget to stop and appreciate what God has placed around us. Flowers, the sky, our friendships, our marriages, and even the preciousness of our children can get swallowed up with deadlines and daily responsibilities.

This book teaches our children thankfulness. When our children are very young, we teach them to say thank you. As they grow, we teach them to have a gratefull heart. As adults we can express thankfullness by giving God credit for what He has made.



Dawn J pictureDawn Jimenez is a graduate of SBU (Southwest Baptist University) and holds a Bachelors in Education.  She has served as an educator for 19 years in various roles including special education. Dawn and her husband Keith live in Oklahoma along with their son and daughter, Alex and Lauren.  Both Dawn and Keith enjoy watching their children participate in activities such as football, basketball, gymnastics and dance. And even though it can get pretty busy juggling work and family life, Dawn enjoys those moments when she can indulge in her passion for writing and music. It is Dawn’s hope and desire that the Heavenly Father’s heart would be reflected in her writing and music so that others can come to know how precious they are in His sight.


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