How the Mockingbird Found His Tune

Mockingbird cover.inddIt is the second day after his creation and a
small gray bird finds he doesn’t know
who or what he is.
Worse yet, he doesn’t even know his tune; whatever that is…
On the advice of several different birds he flies east toward the rising sun
to find Adam who can hopefully answer all his questions.
Gray bird finds he is not alone in this bright new world and that it is populated
with many helpful if not altogether friendly creatures.



Growing up on a small farm in North East Montana Sallie McNamaraSallie pic 2
learned to love nature, animals, reading and drawing; not necessarily
in that order.
She spent her first forty plus years “just living,” but it took a move South
and the tragic loss of her only child to rekindle a desire to write and paint.
Basically self taught Grandma Salad spends her time writing “little
stories” and illustrating them with whimsical sketches of the creatures
around her. She does find time however, to make soaps, breads and
pies for the local farmer’s market and care for her husband, their cat and
thirty odd chickens.
She says, “It has taken me nearly seventy five years to find my tune; I
hope you don’t wait that long to find yours.”


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