Give God & Me a Chance

Have you been thinking “Why me?”

If so, that’s a hard place to be. Part of the appeal of that place is that we want relief. Our eyes roam and our brains search for the solution. Maybe you’re feeling alone and even desperate. I’ve known these feelings. When I knew the reality that Carey had been harmed by the devastation which this chromosome rip had caused her, I couldn’t stay there.
All people go through difficult times and sometimes life gets ugly. Beauty, however, is revealed in the twists and turns of life.




Laney Jeans is a Christian, mom, grandmother, homemaker and artist who lives in New Haven, MO with her husband Frankie and daughter Carey. Laney is a painter whose work has been sold locally and has been made into all-occasion cards. She’s a former elementary school teacher who loves children. She likes to be in the kitchen baking and canning. She can also be found in her gardens. She enjoys being with her children and grandchildren the most.





“Although a powerful story of a girl with Down’s Syndrome, Give God & Me a Chance is about so much more!
With raw honesty rooted in humility, Laney Jeans reminds us that, because of a God worthy of our love and trust, there is Beauty in life. Be prepared to have your thinking challenged, your faith stirred and your heart filled. You will be changed.”
–Greg Hafer, Professor of Speech and Christian Life, Ozark Christian College, Joplin, MO