A Virtuous Woman

My Marriage
Crumbled Under the Weight of Sin.

I hadn’t meant to be such a failure. I truly loved God. What I had always wanted most, more than anything, was to be a good wife and mother. On the outside it seemed like I was a woman who had it all together but the problems weren’t on the outside, they were deep in my heart, so deep I couldn’t see them anymore, but God could. He was about to answer my prayers to change and use me.
It would take “the rug being pulled out from under my feet” for God to capture my full, undivided, attention where my marriage was concerned.



Shelly is a native Oklahoman. She and her husband, Jamie, have been married thirty years. They currently reside in Moyers, Oklahoma where they enjoy their small farm house and chickens. Their family includes a daughter Morgan, her husband Kyler and granddaughter Maudie.

Shelly has found her true calling in helping hurting women. Proceeds from this book will go to New Beginnings of Southeastern Oklahoma, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non- profit which helps women in crisis.

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