I Got You’re Back Jack!

One of my new authors asked if she could write a blog for my web site. I am overjoyed to have her do just that. Her book “A Virtuous Woman” has recently been published and she already has a second book submitted. Be looking for that one in May, called “When Life Hurts.” Shelly writes to women, but men, I believe her words can be applied to you in this post. It is about having each others back. Men, replace sister with brother and see if this doesn’t ring true.

I Got You’re back Jack

It is perfectly beautiful in Moyers, Oklahoma this afternoon. The first sunshine in days. I’m enjoying some screened in porch time as I ponder the weeks events. And God keeps bringing up how much He loves His girls and how much He wants us to love each other. Ecclesiastes says, “Two are better than one, if one falls down there is someone to pick him up,” and sometimes we sure need a sister around to reach down and and do just that.

Specifically the Holy Spirit  spoke these words to my heart. STOP. HURTING. EACH OTHER.

In the sisterhood of Christ we should be standing back to back helping each other fight our battles. We should be instruments of healing not pain. Havens of hope for the hurting.

Lord, help us to have more of a heart of Jesus and help us to stop hurting each other. True sister’s rejoice in each others victories and weep in each others sorrow. True sister’s fervently pray and forgive freely. True sister’s see the best and forget the rest.

And for the record, I have found true sister’s, also recognize the importance of chocolate on the journey.

Oh God, may the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, oh Lord, My Rock, and my Redeemer. May I be a blessing to my sister’s. Amen

Shelly Stevenson, A Virtuous Woman