All for Him! His Will His Way His Time

A Journey from
Brokenness to Reconciliation

Scottie Barnes and her mother spent many Sundays of Scottie’s childhood traveling to different prisons to visit her father. He was a bootlegger and a drug kingpin.
She longed for his love and acceptance, but her father’s rejection and emotional detachment left her heartbroken and imprisoned by anger, bitterness, and resentment.
Through Scottie’s acceptance of God’s love, she learned her greatest blessing was God’s sacrificial gift of love, grace, and mercy.
Her newfound inner joy and peace allowed her to embody compassion, humility, and forgiveness. Her father’s salvation became her life’s ambition even though it would be forty-one years before she heard the words, “I love you, Scottie.”


Scottie empathizes with the children of incarcerated parents who experience loneliness, embarrassment, and hunger for a parent’s love. Accepting God’s plan for the reconciliation of incarcerated families led Scottie and husband, Jack, to establish Forgiven Ministry, where their One Day with God camps, provide opportunities for children to spend an entire day inside prison walls with their parents to enjoy a variety of spiritual and fun activities.



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