The Good Sheriff: A Life of Servitude, Faith, and Survival

God told me a long time ago He was in charge, and I know now from the things I’ve gone through, He is exactly right. I am more at peace after losing my girls than I’ve ever been before. It has taken this long for God to teach me a bunch of lessons. I thought I knew it all, but I didn’t.

He taught me whenever there’s a storm in your life, if you have a strong belief system in Me, that storm is not going to bother you. But if you don’t, that storm is going to eat you up.
My faith is why I made it through the storms. I’ve always been able to emerge from the depths, but there was a time I wondered if I ever would again. The Good Lord gave me strength by showing me a falling star.



Daniel John Good is a man of God who cherishes family, country, and friends. Before retiring, he was in the US Marine Corps and spent 34 years in NC Law Enforcement as a State Trooper, Parole Officer, and Sheriff of Rutherford County, NC for 16 years. Dan and his wife Sandy reside in Rutherfordton, NC.
Dan is a decorated Vietnam Veteran.



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