When Life Hurts

Lord, help me to trust in You.

In 2004 sin shattered our family. At that time, I honestly couldn’t imagine a day when life wouldn’t hurt — but God.

Whatever disaster, heartache, disappointment, or failure you are experiencing, God still has a good plan for your life.

How much does God see? Everything.
How much does He care? With His whole being.


Shelly is a native Oklahoman. She and her husband, Jamie, have been married thirty two years. Their family includes a daughter, Morgan, her husband, Kyler, a granddaughter, Maudie Claire, and grandson, Whitt.

Shelly and Jamie currently serve at Southside Baptist Church in Hugo, Oklahoma, where Jamie preaches the gospel, and Shelly works in children’s ministry. She also invests her time sharing her testimony and assisting in ministries that help women in crisis.

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