God’s Hands

When we bless another person and use our God-given talents, we are, in fact, blessing God.

All it takes is extending a helping hand and showing that you care. By extending our hands to help our fellow people, we are lifting our hands and hearts up to God.
Joan should know. She has spent much of her eighty-odd-years as a passionate volunteer, helping people, both young and old, from all walks of life.
Joan’s compassion for others springs from trials she experienced as a youngster when she was bullied for a speech impediment she had since birth.
But God reached into Joan’s heart through that experience and gave her kindness and understanding, which she uses to touch the lives of many people she meets throughout her life.
“God works through all of us if we open our hearts and allow Him to use us as His hands.”


Joan Ann Jarrett was born in Manhatten, NY, to Mary Josephine Peake and Daniel Peake, both immigrants from Ireland. She married her sweetheart Eugene Jarrett, and they have three children.
She began her writing journey by writing letters to GOD. She practices the Catholic faith , and she has attended Catholic churches her entire life. She now attends Masses virtually from her home.
Joan has six grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. She moved to South Carolina in 2020 with her puppy, Lillirose, a beautiful feisty Yorkshire Terrier. Joan also has many canine grand babies that she loves to spoil.
Joan met Sandi Huddleston-Edwards in 2020 and so began the journey of writing God’s Hands.



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