A Melody Too Sweet to Forget

JoAnna Rosalie DeSilva Berggren
June 6, 1974 – January 31, 2004

“Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called children of God.”
Matthew 5:9 (NABRE)

JoAnna was a talented musician, singer, and teacher. Even for her young age, she gave much to so many people and touched the lives of the most important and most impressionable – the children. Her students came by the carloads, sobbing and weeping for the loss of that one beloved teacher who strikes a special chord in all our lives.
The family, devasted by this loss, could barely withstand their emotional pain. Her mother, crushed by the death of her daughter, wept from the depths of her soul. Her father and siblings valiantly carried the burden of greeting each and every person whose life Joanna had affected in some small measure. They came to say farewell, to mourn this good and special young woman. Her young husband, physically injured, could not deaden the empty pain left behind and in his heart for his beautiful, beloved wife and what their lives could have been.

Your sweet voice and caring ways will be missed deeply by all who knew you, JoAnna. The dreams of your future can only be seen in the recesses of our hearts and souls. You are now directing a choir of angels for the glory of God. May your eternal music fill our every waking hour . . . sweet dreams.

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