Borrow My Brave: A Breast Cancer Survivor Bares All

Each one of us has a story

Why would I even bother to tell mine? That’s the million dollar
Honestly, if it were just about me or even my husband,
I wouldn’t. But it’s not about us.
It’s about you.
And your girlfriends.
And your sisters.
And maybe even your mother.
I want to share my experience, the whole experience,
with you so that if you ever have to make this decision,
you’ll have a little more information than you had before.
Not everyone is called to share the intimate details of
their cancer journey, but I am. I’ve known from the beginning
that if I was going to have to walk this path, other
women would gain in the process. And maybe even a
few men who are wondering what is going on with their

We were created
with a resiliency and strength
we didn’t know we had
until we needed to
put it into practice

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